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 roof construction

The perfect roof truss for your property

At Rafferty Roof Trusses, we are dedicated to designing and manufacturing the perfect roof truss for your property, whether it be for your home or commercial business. Our roof trusses, roof beams and roof rafters are cost effective and will last you for years to come. We will take into consideration your needs (whether you would like to use your loft space as a room, or as a storage area), and the shape of your house, to provide you with a safe, secure and attractive roof truss.

Select your roof truss below for more information.

 standard roof truss


Available for all bungalow and two story houses as well as garages.

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 attic roof truss


Maximise the space in your home by fitting attic roof trusses. Again suitable for all bungalows and two story dwellings.

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 attic no floor roof truss

Attic – No Floor

This is the most competitive way of roofing if you have fitted a concrete floor slab. Eliminates purlin walls & steel.

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 raised tie roof truss

Raised Tie

Designed for situations where there is a dormer roof construction.

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 modified scissor roof truss

Modified scissor

Rooms such as sunrooms can be enhanced greatly by raising the ceilings giving a more spacious feel to the room.

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 bobtail attic roof truss

Bobtail Attic

Make the most of your garage with our range of specially designed garage trusses.

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